The Zulu truth, erasing colonial lies!!

What we have learnt about the Zulu culture and the Zulu History has more often than not been described through the eyes of our former colonial masters, it is time for us to reclaim our heritage and rewrite our histories, the purposes of this blog is to examine the Zulu culture and open up debate and dialogue on its importance and impacts today.

Collections Make connections (how a simple item like a bell has connected so many people)

For whom the bell tolls The story of the bell from Entumeni An interesting artefact is on display at the Zululand Historical museum, and it so happened that on a … Continue reading

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Maqhamusela khanyile and the misunderstanding which lead to his demise

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A Zulu love story : Nomanzi of Ndondakusuka

A very fascinating story unfolded during the nineteenth century around the same time that Cetshwayo KaMpande was consolidating his power and positioning himself as the heir to the Zulu throne. … Continue reading

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Shaka Zulu exhibit

For those of you living in the province of Kwazulu Natal or if you happen to be travelling within the region of Zululand, I suggest you visit the Zululand historical … Continue reading

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The Zulu music genre “maskandi” is a form of music created by the migrant labourers from the province of Natal, who were scattered all over the country in various industries … Continue reading

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What went wrong?

Our past teaches us about ourselves in ways a man can never imagine. Was just reading up on Zibhebhu KaMaphitha the Zulu warlord who brought his majesty Isilo uCetshwayo kaMpande … Continue reading

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The Zulu

“I have found the Zulu’s to be a carefree, honest, laughter loving and hospitable people. They are highly emotional and just as easily moved to anger as they are to … Continue reading

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Zulu Myths and legends/Dingane and the revolving chair

I’m sure most Zulu people have heard about the story of the wheel chair and king Dingane. It is said that during the reign of King Dingane a group of … Continue reading

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Izithakazelo and their significance

Izithakazelo/praise poetry From what we can ascertain we understand that since the Zulu language is a spoken one, it is often expressed in different oral expressive genres.  We know that … Continue reading

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Uhlamvana Bhula umlilo

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