The Zulu truth, erasing colonial lies!!

What we have learnt about the Zulu culture and the Zulu History has more often than not been described through the eyes of our former colonial masters, it is time for us to reclaim our heritage and rewrite our histories, the purposes of this blog is to examine the Zulu culture and open up debate and dialogue on its importance and impacts today.

The Zulu

“I have found the Zulu’s to be a carefree, honest, laughter loving and hospitable people. They are highly emotional and just as easily moved to anger as they are to joy. They have a remarkable highly developed sense of observation. Clearly this is because they had no system of recording and had to rely on memory. The Zulu tribal system embraced a complete way of life that would not allow for change. The intrusion of the European with his modern ways rocked the tribal system, but as far as was possible change continued to be resisited. But who can ever fail to be moved by the superb harmony of Zulu voices, singing as they go about their work? The great physical stature as well has allowed him to excell in most sports such as soccer boxing, baseball and athletics.” This is by far one of the most racist statements I’ve ever read lol!! what do you think? Taken from the book Zulu paradox

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