The Zulu truth, erasing colonial lies!!

What we have learnt about the Zulu culture and the Zulu History has more often than not been described through the eyes of our former colonial masters, it is time for us to reclaim our heritage and rewrite our histories, the purposes of this blog is to examine the Zulu culture and open up debate and dialogue on its importance and impacts today.

What went wrong?

Our past teaches us about ourselves in ways a man can never imagine. Was just reading up on Zibhebhu KaMaphitha the Zulu warlord who brought his majesty Isilo uCetshwayo kaMpande to his knees!! along with other warlords like John Dunn the famous Zulu chief and uHamu kaNzibe the half brother to Cetshwayo!! in other words jealousy was the undoing of our Zulu nation and the perpetrators of this most sanguin scenario were only thinking about themselves!! The greed of a select Zulu elite in collaboration with British manipulation engineered by Sir Melmoth osborne and Sir Garnet Wolesly was what brought our people to destruction!! Now! with this in mind is it proper to put the blame entirely on British emperialism or is it not rather the human condition that brought this misfortune to our shores?

2 comments on “What went wrong?

  1. Benjamin Buthelezi
    September 6, 2020

    What lies are you referring to? Pray tell…

    • zanoxolo23
      September 9, 2020

      The over simplification of our history to suit a European narrative that dismisses our history as primitive.

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