The Zulu truth, erasing colonial lies!!

What we have learnt about the Zulu culture and the Zulu History has more often than not been described through the eyes of our former colonial masters, it is time for us to reclaim our heritage and rewrite our histories, the purposes of this blog is to examine the Zulu culture and open up debate and dialogue on its importance and impacts today.


My name is Zanoxolo Mkhize, most who have joined this blog will know that I am currently employed as a museum assistant at the Zululand Historical museum Eshowe, this blog is concerned with properly looking at the Zulu culture and the intricate circumstances surrounding how the world views Zulu people and how the Zulu people not only view the world but also themselves.

This blog deals with the historic themes related to modern day occurrences, for instance during traditional ceremonies from who or where do they get all the rules and protocol!!! (Is there a book written about such things)

We deal with the role of women in Zulu society as well as their importance.

We discuss the role of umuthi and why or where the belief comes from.

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  1. mlungu
    September 4, 2013

    Good stuff

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