The Zulu truth, erasing colonial lies!!

What we have learnt about the Zulu culture and the Zulu History has more often than not been described through the eyes of our former colonial masters, it is time for us to reclaim our heritage and rewrite our histories, the purposes of this blog is to examine the Zulu culture and open up debate and dialogue on its importance and impacts today.

Shaka Zulu exhibit

For those of you living in the province of Kwazulu Natal or if you happen to be travelling within the region of Zululand, I suggest you visit the Zululand historical museum very soon, where we will be displaying a new and thought provoking exhibit on the life and times of Shaka Zulu in modern times but more specifically, how he is depicted in reality by popular culture influenced by the so called eye witness accounts from the colonial men and women who met him!! Another way we are trying to find middle ground with regards to Zulu history and the image of the Zulu people, an image which has often been tied with Shaka and his brutal image as depicted by Nathaniel Isaacs, James Saunders King, Henry Francis Fynn and their affiliates.

By doing this we shall be able to make a paradigm shift where the Zulu image as a violent and short tempered people will be somehow altered in South African society and more of the truth (since we can never know the full truth) discovered with the purposes of creating a more sane version of events and one that has been made with the cultural norms of the subject of study in mind.

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